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Over the past 15 years, Adrenaline Powerboats has built a reputation as a company with a distinctively different approach to design and unmistakable blend of form and function.


Adrenaline Powerboats was founded in the late 1990s as one man's childhood dreams became a reality. Brand founder and visionary Mike Layton had a passion for offshore performance boats that started as a childhood obsession and then grew into a world leading brand.


Adrenaline Powerboats embodies American Muscle , Extreme Power and Industry leading Craftsmanship which distinguishes its truly unique and undeniably original product line.


When asked about where he draws his design influence, Layton was quoted as saying "I love all the brands out there! I think every company in the top tier of builders all have strong features to their boats that I can appreciate. I truly admire all the hard work that goes into the boats. I have to say that I am personally influenced by the Super Car designs of today. If you look at our boats they really have an automotive feel to them."


Adrenaline Powerboats is not and never will become a mass producer. We are not about numbers and statistics. Adrenaline is extremely passionate about the Speedboats that we build and we know this is a passion shared by our customers. All of our powerboats will continue to be hand laminated and assembled utilizing Computer Aided design (CAD) and (CNC) machining processes to achieve the highest quality parts in the industry.




All Adrenaline designs are developed right here at the factory. We pride ourselves in being able to take a design concept and build it from start to finish under one roof. From the 3D CAD lines and CNC milling to the finished product. We are the only High Performance Boat company in the world that can make that statement!


Every boat that Adrenaline builds is rigged in house by our experts. Many custom parts are fabricated as specified for each project we use very little catalog items on our builds. Most hardware is designed specifically for each boat model.


Adrenaline utilizes state of the art in house 5 Axis CNC machining for all of our rapid prototyping and final tooling projects. This advanced level of computer aided manufacturing insures that the highest quality standards and tolerances, that we are renown for, will be met for every project.


Comes standard on every Adrenaline High Performance Boat. All of  our boats are painted in our 60 foot paint booth. Our design staff works closely with every customer to make sure that the final design reflects their individual taste.

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