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Dashboard make over

All new instrumentation and controls to monitor the the V10s. We will update the gallery as it comes together.

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Painting the drive and tab components

 We thought that coating the back end hardware in a urethane to match the Viper red graphics would stand out nicely on the satin charcoal transom. It is actually quite a job to completely disassemble all the gimbal, drive and tab components to their bare individual pieces for paint and then reassemble them. In the end though, when it ties in as good as this does, it is worth the effort.

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Raising the drive height

In order to maximize performance, we decided to raise the height of the outdrives significantly from their stock location. Along with the needed engine clearance from the floor of the bilge this will allow us a full range of  drive heights for dialing in the final setup. Here are a few pictures of that process.

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Paint process for Hulks Scarab

Here are some process pictures of the boat before paint and during paint. We did not take any during the prep process cuz they are pretty boring but the short of it is, we sanded the boat completely down, fixed a bunch of stress cracks along the wind faring with epoxy and fiberglass. Then we shot the entire boat in a white epoxy sealer made by SPI or southern polyurenthanes. I have tried numerous top brands of selaers, primers and clear coats on these large scale overall boat paint jobs and man, nobody holds a candle to the afforablitity and quality of SPI products. I would pay the higher price for their products but being able to get the best for reasonable prices makes it even better. With that being said here are some pictures of the many layers that eventually transform the Scarab into a modern machine.

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Hulk Hogans Scarab Ressurected By Adrenaline Powerboats ” WHACHA GONNA DO? “


Anyone who knows Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan also knows he loves boats and the boating lifestyle.  This blog section will feature pictures and comments from start to finish of the complete rebuild of his offshore powerboat.

 After talking for a couple of years and getting to know each other, the Hulkster and founder of Adrenaline Powerboats, Mike Layton came up with a plan to update the big mans 38 foot Scarab offshore powerboat. Hulk really likes the classic lines of the scarab and the feel of the boat in general but also appreciates the advancements and modern technology available in today’s marine engines. After kicking some ideas around the two decided on a  plan to pump some Adrenaline into the boat with modern power, paint, and interior. With that Layton went to the drawing board.

While the classic Scarab paint was something to desire back in the day and the twin 500 HP racing engines were cool, its just not where it’s at anymore. So,” WHACHA GONNA DO?”. We’re gonna to stuff some V10s in the boat, that’s what we’re gonna do!!!! Out with the tired  carbureted 500 cast iron Mercs and in with the all aluminum 625 HP Ilmor  Dodge Viper based V10 engine packages. You can’t have a boat running around with V10s looking nothing like the high pitched scream of the 20 cylinders at at wide open throttle. So,” WHACHA GONNA DO?”.  We gotta match the look with the sound. A trick but not too over the top paint scheme was designed by Layton to flow with the Viper red color of the engines and give the boat a timeless and hot look. To round out the major upgrades Adrenaline and Layton will be putting the signature touch on the stereo system, interior, instrumentation and controls.

Stay tuned for updated pictures. 


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